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In 2001, area surgeons and Bartlesville Medical Corporation (BMC) collaborated on the idea of providing the community with a convenient, comfortable and high quality alternative for outpatient surgery that would exceed expectations. Out of this idea the Bartlesville Surgery Center was born.

Together, with the assistance of Nueterra Healthcare, the physicians and BMC developed an ambulatory surgical center that is convenient and comfortable for the patient and their family, and delivers superior care with a personal touch.

For the physicians involved it was truly a labor of love. It would supply the community with a facility that rivals those found in the larger cities, but continue to provide the personalized, friendly care to which patients are entitled. With the highly qualified and dedicated medical staff coupled with friendly, caring employees the Bartlesville Surgery Center does truly meet and exceed expectations.

Center Highlights

  • Licensed by the State of Oklahoma
  • Fully accredited by Medicare (CMS)
  • 3 Fully-Equipped Operating Rooms & 2 Procedure Rooms
  • Excellent Patient Satisfaction Rating. Check out our Patient Testimonials.
  • The only ambulatory surgery center in Bartlesville, OK
  • Accommodates Spanish-Language Patients. Please bring an interpreter with you. If you do not have one, please contact the center prior to surgery
  • Plenty of convenient parking


Ambulatory Surgery Center Benefits

The benefits of having your procedure performed at an ambulatory surgery center include:

  • Surgery is performed by your own physician at our facility, assuring you of the same quality of care to which you are accustomed.
  • Simplified admitting and discharge procedures provide added convenience for the patient.
  • The patient's loved ones can benefit from our facility's relaxing, informal setting.
  • Realizing that each case is unique, we provide close, personal attention at all times.
  • To learn more about the benefits of an ASC, please click here.

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What's in Your Medicine Cabinet?

Natural remedies can be very effective in soothing common ailments. But with hundreds of products lining health store shelves, it's hard to know where to begin. What's more, you don't want to waste your hard-earned money only to find out that a pricey pill didn't live up to the hype. Nobody wants to pay for a chemically enhanced medicine that will give side effects that are just as bad, if not worse, than the symptoms that sent him or her to the pharmacy in the first place. As with any health solution, it takes time to find what's best for your body. To make things easy, here are some tried and true alternatives that really do work.

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Male patients tend to have a scant awareness of prostate cancer, their own chances for the cancer, and the methods available for detecting whether they have prostate cancer. Most male patients are not aware of what it means to screen for prostate cancer or that screening needs to be done before they begin to show symptoms. Yet, far too often, physicians detect the cancer only after it is past the early stages because of deficient of screening.

There are several different circumstances that may result in a delayed diagnosis. This article will consider the following pattern: the doctor (1) orders a PSA blood test, (2) finds that the man has a high PSA level, but (3) fails to inform the patient, does not refer the patient to a specialist, and fails to get a biopsy to confirm whether the elevated PSA is due to prostate cancer. The case below illustrates this situation.

7 Amazing Advantages Of Alternative Medicine

In the past, alternative medicine has been written off as being a kind of hoax or laugh, but today's research has proven that this is not the case. There are many advantages that alternative medicine has over mainstream medicine. Health care professionals are even starting to see this more and more. Here are 7 amazing advantages that alternative medicine has to offer:

Reason #1 “ Alternative medicine is meant to treat the cause of the issue, not just the symptoms that the issue causes. Instead of treating the headache pain, for example, alternative medicine works to see what causes the headache in the first place. Alternative medicine works to understand and treat the disease to find the root of the problem

A Day In A Nurse’s

A same day surgery' unit usually consists of a combination of pre-op and post-op recovery. Those working here, such as nurses and surgeons, possess strong medical skills, as they are required to prepare patients for a variety of surgical procedures on a daily basis. And just like the name of the center suggests, the staff helps the patients recover so that they can go home the same day as their procedure. And if you are a new nurse, coping might take a little bit of time and effort on your part.

First off, as the new nurse on the block, you must already possess a strong knowledge regarding "phase 2" recovery. At the same time, you must have the necessary skills to assist in the minor procedure room, and care for recovering patients, children and adults alike.

A Facelift Is A Unique

The objective of a facelift is to make the face look younger. This can be done by removing excessive facial skin using surgical methods, as aging causes the face to lose skin elasticity as well as muscle tone. People in their late fifties and sixties sometime choose to have a facelift operation, but sometimes the neck lift procedures are done sooner. There are different types of facial rejuvenation surgical methods for facelift corrections.

Improving the Neck and the Facial Jowls

Surgery can help people improve sagging neck and facial jowls. This procedure involves raising the deeper tissues of the face and neck, and tightening them by trimming the excessive jowls. During surgery, incisions are made in front of the ear, underneath the ear and the back of the ear.

A Unique Approach To Plastic

Plastic surgery is a private undertaking and a very personal decision. At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, the first and only plastic surgery center on world-famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, we have developed a unique patient privacy program to assure the utmost discretion for our clients. Whether someone is coming in for a quick Botox touch-up or a more extensive procedure such as liposuction or our "Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover," they can have confidence that their privacy will be closely guarded.

Because of our unique location and relationships, our plastic surgery center caters to members of the entertainment industry. But when it comes to privacy, we adhere to the same standards for celebrity plastic surgery as for all of our patients. Patient privacy is very important and so we have taken concrete steps to make sure it is always maintained.

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Bcbsm Recognizes The Aaahc’s Early Option

Earlier this year, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan ("BCBSM") published its amendment to the BCBSM Evidence-of-Need ("EON") requirements for ambulatory surgery facilities ("ASFs"). These changes, in pertinent part:

1. Correlated the EON surgical volume standard with the Michigan Certificate of Need standard for a new facility, which currently is 1,128 cases per operating room ("OR"( per year.

2. Changed the ASF review period (for EON compliance) from every other year to approximately every three years.

3. Extended the grace period for facilities that do not meet the full EON volume requirement from two years to three years. The grace period will apply to facilities within 80% of the minimum volume.

Becoming A Registered Nurse

Most of the people in the health care industry are registered nurses. While nurses assist doctors, they are assisted by practical nurses and nursing assistants. Nurses do have crucial roles in hospitals and medical facilities. Although being a registered nurse has its steep challenges, it can also be a boon. Those who are interested to become nurses can get information by reading about nursing degrees explained online.


A registered nurse once employed has a variety of functions largely revolving around attending to the needs of patients and providing care to patients. All sections of hospitals should have nurses. RNs work in teams, with each team having specific function. It is possible for some nurses to have tasks outside direct patient care. Generally the tasks of an RN are: