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A Day In A Nurse’s Life-what To Expect In Day Surgery Center

A ˜same day surgery' unit usually consists of a combination of pre-op and post-op recovery. Those working here, such as nurses and surgeons, possess strong medical skills, as they are required to prepare patients for a variety of surgical procedures on a daily basis. And just like the name of the center suggests, the staff helps the patients recover so that they can go home the same day as their procedure. And if you are a new nurse, coping might take a little bit of time and effort on your part.

First off, as the new nurse on the block, you must already possess a strong knowledge regarding "phase 2" recovery. At the same time, you must have the necessary skills to assist in the minor procedure room, and care for recovering patients, children and adults alike.

A typical day for you consists of doing vitals, passing medicine, changing dressings, making beds, and other tasks. As you run these tasks every day, you will be able to learn the basics of your job, while being able to build on them. Of course, as a novice, you are expected to seek help from time to time. Don't worry, because the Head Nurse will even appreciate you asking. It shows that you are serious about your job, and that you are willing to be trained. The influence of the ones in charge will hopefully instill a sense of professionalism and teamwork, and you are expected to absorb this like a sponge. During this time, try to learn all about the tangible qualities a nurse has to have. Being skillful behind those landau scrubs is needed, but you have to learn to do your tasks with kindness and empathy. After all, patient care always comes first. That's why it is expected that you approach patients on an individual basis. Always try to put them at ease, and assure them that they will receive quality care before and after the procedure.

Inside the surgery room, always expect the unexpected. To get you through the most difficult days, simply bank on teamwork. Things could get pretty hectic, but good teamwork among staff members can certainly make things easier. You have little to worry about anyway, as a day surgery center is loaded with the best nurses, techs, and surgeons”ensuring that ˜patient care' is held to the highest of standards.

Your work routine at a day surgery center is different from day to day. One day, you're simply drawing blood work”the next day, you may find yourself closely working with the surgeons. The next week, on the other hand, might simply be spent giving pre-op meds and making beds. So always keep your eyes peeled. You never know when you might be called to get a patient ready for the operating room.

At the end of the day, your efforts will surely be appreciated by the patients and their families. And of course, the day surgery center will greatly value having you in its staff.

By: Brent McNutt