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A Unique Approach To Plastic Surgery Privacy

Plastic surgery is a private undertaking and a very personal decision. At Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, the first and only plastic surgery center on world-famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, we have developed a unique patient privacy program to assure the utmost discretion for our clients. Whether someone is coming in for a quick Botox touch-up or a more extensive procedure such as liposuction or our "Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover," they can have confidence that their privacy will be closely guarded.

Because of our unique location and relationships, our plastic surgery center caters to members of the entertainment industry. But when it comes to privacy, we adhere to the same standards for celebrity plastic surgery as for all of our patients. Patient privacy is very important and so we have taken concrete steps to make sure it is always maintained.

The program starts with the physical layout of our offices and on-site surgery center. We built a hidden back entrance -- far from prying eyes of paparazzi celebrity photographers -- that leads to a discreet service elevator. This elevator opens deep in the building's parking structure and also on the alley behind Rodeo Drive. Our back entrance is unusual among medical offices and assures discretion. This novel feature of our design and layout has been featured in numerous media outlets.

Our Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery staff, in our offices and our in operating rooms, is thoroughly trained in patient privacy issues. Our plastic surgeons, nurses, and office coordinators all go through privacy training prior to starting work. Our organization has a designated privacy officer to oversee the routine work of the staff and confirm that our strict confidentiality policies are enforced. No member of our staff will discuss any aspect of patient care (or even that someone is receiving care) with anyone at any time, unless that person have given us permission to do so.

Each employee signs an agreement to maintain patient privacy at all times -- again, this applies to celebrity plastic surgery and for all patients who go our plastic surgery center. Patients also are asked to designate how they would like to be contracted (such as cell phone only), so communication is always done in the manner that makes the patient most comfortable and allows for the most discretion.

These steps offer reassurance to all our patients that their confidentiality will be maintained. And since we treat every patient like a celebrity, we take firm steps to maintain discretion and safeguard confidentiality for all our patients.

By: Lloyd M. Krieger, MD-7577