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Body Piercing Hospital In Bangalore

The range of services provided by a body piercing hospital in Bangalore should be vast whilst still being able to provide a friendly personalized service. The Genesis Medical Centre offers unique style care in a very well apportioned and professionally run facility.

Body piercing has become a very popular service, appealing to the fashion conscious from around the world but is also recognized as traditional in many parts of the world.

All forms of body piercing are carried out at the facility including face piercing “ eyebrows, cheeks, throat, tongue and most popular in India, nostrils and ears. As well as facial piercing, services are provided for other, more delicate, parts of the body. In fact there seems to be no end of possibilities when it comes to the requirements of people wanting some part of their anatomy pierced.

All services at the Genesis body piercing hospital in Bangalore are offered by trained professionals in this "state of the art" hospital which embraces up to the minute technology in hygienic conditions.

Until now, people who have wanted body piercing have had to rely on having the piercing done in local pharmacies or the local jeweler. This has been, in some cases, not ideal due to the personal nature of some of the piercings wanted and the lack of proper hygiene offered.

Piercing is provided free from pain for men, women and even children. There is a large volume of body piercing done in India as it accepted as fashionable, cultural and in many cases religious.

One service of particular note is the piercing of a baby's ears. This procedure is completed in just five to ten minutes, is completely safe and is so quick that the infant is usually unaware of what is happening. This service requires absolute professionalism and you would expect this at any body piercing hospital in Bangalore however the Bangalore Genesis Medical Centre has been a leader in its field since 1995 and is well positioned to offer you all that you would expect from a professional and qualified team.

All piercings are provided with gold studs, which are easy to keep clean, fashionable and look and feel attractive.

Some people are against body piercing, but in this modern age of self choice it is encouraging to know that you can have the procedure quickly, painlessly and with the knowledge that there will be no complications due to infection.