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Common Consequences Associated With Using Fake Doctors Notes

Time to celebrate; you just got your very own fake doctor's note and you're planning on using it to get out of school or work. But hold onto your party hat, there isn't any need to celebrate just yet! There is still a nice list of risks associated with fake doctor's notes. As Murphy law states If anything can go wrong, it will, we should be on watch for any possible risk involved to minimize consequences. So what exactly can go wrong with fake doctor's notes?

The Most Common Consequences of Fake Doctor's Notes

If a fake doctor's note is poorly made or hasn't been structured properly, there is going to be hell to pay in the end. Depending on how and when the note was used, students and employees can face quite dire consequences as a result of being found out.

As far as students go, there is less risk associated with them on average than with employees. Up until college, the consequence of being found with a fake doctor's note might be a detention, suspension, or even something as simple as a phone call to the parents. But college students face much bigger problems- as they can be expelled or failed from a class as a result of a fake doctor's note.

The difference between high school and college is simple: college students are expected to be much more professional in nature, since they are obtaining a degree though a school that wishes to keep its prestige running high. So in the event that a student is found with a fake doctor's note on an important test day, for instance, the student may receive a failing test grade or even be expelled from college for dishonest behavior.

Employees also face high risks with fake doctor's notes. When an employer finds a fake doctor's note, there is almost an undeniable chance that the employee will be fired immediately. In some cases, employees can reason their way out of the situation, or even accept a certain form of punishment. Whatever the case, employers generally come down the hardest on guilty parties found with a fake doctor's note.

Serious Consequences of Fake Doctor's Notes

Serious consequences of fake doctor's notes involve the legal system. If you happen to forge the name of a real doctor, for instance, this is considered breaking the law. This is officially called forgery, which is considered a misdemeanor and is followed by possible jail time or heavy fines.

In the case of forgery, it's important to ensure that the doctor's name in question should not be that of a real doctor. It may seem more legit initially, but in the event of being found out, legal trouble will end up being exponentially more frightening than failing a test or something equally trivial.

Final Thoughts on Consequences of Fake Doctor's Notes