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Doctor Who Enemies – The Worst Enemies

In every movie there is a starring and there are also enemies or villains. Villains also need introduction because for what it's worth, they make the movies more interesting. It would be boring without any antagonists, right? Talking about the famous Doctor Who show, we will not talk about "the Doctor" rather we will know more about his worst enemies.

First on the list are the Daleks. The Daleks are said to be the worst among Doctor Who enemies. These first monsters of the show appeared in 1963. Physically, the Daleks has a metal casing and looks like a tank. When it comes to their victims they make sure that they suffer. The only one who can fight against them is "the Doctor". Though, they cannot be beaten permanently but "the Doctor" is able to stop their evil doing. The Doctor has enough abilities to stop them from ruling the world.

Like every villain in a sci-fi TV series, the Daleks' main goal is to get rid of anyone who comes in their way and rule the universe. Davros is the mastermind behind this villain. This character is re-incarnated in different episodes of the show. The Daleks became well-known to the fans of the show. Finally, in the year 1999, the Daleks appeared on a postage stamp which is because of the British popular culture celebration.

Another powerful nemesis of "the Doctor" is The Master. This villain is said to be the most intelligent among "the Doctor's" enemies. They both are much alike when it comes to their abilities. The Master is able to predict the actions of "the Doctor" which makes it hard to beat him. The character first appeared in the show in 1971.

On the other hand, the most determined among Doctor Who enemies is the Cybermen. They are believed to come from Mondas which is said to be the Earth's twin planet. They were formed by embedding artificial parts in their body which eventually turned them into cyborgs. They still have emotions though it is purely aggression. They are said to be the most determined because they appear from time-to-time wanting to rule the world.

Aside from the mentioned villains, here are the other villains that are seen on the show:

- the Sontarans

- the Sea Devils

- the Zygons

- Davros

- the Silurians

- the Ice Warriors

- the Rani

By: Faith H.