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Give Your Patients Quality Care With Nurse Telephone Triage

Has one of your patients ever had an emergency while your medical practice was closed? It is actually very common for this to happen. After all, your practice is only open for a few hours of the day, and medical emergencies can happen at any time. The good news is that there is a way that you can make sure that your patients are able to handle emergencies at any time of the day. When you go home and close the doors to your practice, your patients can still receive medical guidance and assistance if you hire a nurse telephone triage to handle your calls.

A nurse telephone triage is a service that you can hire to answer the calls that come into your practice after hours. When an operator from a nurse telephone triage answers your calls, he or she will not only be able to take messages for you, he or she will also be able to listen to the problems and questions that your patients have and give them sound medical advice that will help them if they are going through a medical emergency or just have concerns that are causing them stress.

A nurse telephone triage actually employs trained nurses to take the calls that come into your practice. All of the operators are nurses and have been educated about and treated medical ailments of all kinds. The advice that they give to your patients will come from an area of expertise. They will be able to use that expertise to assess whatever situation they are presented with and give guidance accordingly. The nurses that are employed at a telephone triage have also undergone HIPPA training so that they are aware of ethical medical practices and privacy polities. They will also be able to contact you with any information that you will need about the patients that call in.

When you are working with a nurse telephone triage, you will quickly see how beneficial it can be. Your patients will be so happy with the extra care that they receive that word will get out and your business will grow. If the cost is scaring you off, you should think about what it would cost to hire your own staff to answer the phones. It would probably be the same, if not more, than a telephone triage service. Contact a telephone triage service to give your patients quality care right away.

By: Kurt Duncan