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Laser Eye Surgery Centers Sealy

The Sealy office of the Austin County Eye Associates has recently expanded, and is receiving good reviews. The office for the Austin County Eye Associates is located on Meyer Street in Sealy, Texas just 25 minutes west of Houston on I-10.

This practice is five years old and has proven to be one of the best eye centers in Austin Country and surrounding communities. The Austin County Eye Associates practice is reaching out to patients all around the Austin county area, and provides excellent service to those in the community. Austin County Eye Associates is headed by Dr. Paul Beckwith who is an optometric physician. Paul Beckwith specializes in the eye car for senior and age related eye conditions, as well as advanced vision problems. Dr. Beckwith has headed several successful practices over the years, both in and around the Houston area, and is one of the best eye specialists in the region. Along with specializing in many different eye conditions, Dr. Beckwith is an experienced glaucoma specialist.

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The other associates at Austin County Eye are Dr. Rex Hawkins and Dr. Burt Ginsburg, respected retina virtuous specialists, and Dr. Joel Cohen, MD-a leading eye surgeon, ophthalmologist, and eye disease specialist. These doctors are professional and courteous, and many patients have expressed their comfort in these doctors expertise. This is a skilled and qualified team of eye care specialists that commit themselves to the best in eye care.

The staff at Austin County Eye has been known to be incredibly professional, friendly and courteous, showing the best in customer service and care. This team is lead by administrator Paul Lee, who runs a knowledgeable staff that manages the everyday activities of doctors Beckwith, Ginsburg, Hawkins, and Cohen. Since the expansion, this eye care center has specialized in some of the most state of the art methods and equipment to help patients receive the best in eye care needs. The additional eye exam areas also help the practice service more patients and provide better service.

Because this practice specializes in degenerative and age related eye diseases, Dr. Beckwith and his associates help patients with such disorders as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy cataracts. The doctors are also able to assist patients in many eye care options to help alleviate the ailments they suffer from such as cataract surgery. Lasik surgery, or laser eye surgery, is another service offered by Austin County Eye Associates.

Along with the eye care center, On Site Optical offers a full service optical shop. On Site Optical adjoins the medical office of Dr. Beckwith and is headed by John Orlowsky, O.B.C. On Site Optical prides itself on giving the best in customer care and offers a full line of eyewear and frames. Some of the brands offered are Marchon, Saflio and Oakley. On Site Optical has a variety of different eyewear and contacts for every need, including colored contacts and prescription safety glasses.