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Making Museums One Hospital At A Time

A couple years ago, I had a dream that was unlike others during that time, so I decided to take notice...

I begin walking down a hallway, looking left to right as I progress down the path. During this short walk, I catch sight of an open door, so I enter. Inside this room is an empty hospital bed, fashioned in a way so that it is sitting up, as if the last person in the bed was entertaining guests. I continue to the adjoining room and find yet another empty room. At this time, I exit the hospital room and enter into a larger area. This area looks as though it is staged, as in a museum. I then re-enter the hospital room and subsequently the hallway, continuing in the direction that I had walked at the start of the dream. I now find myself at the front of the hospital, being greeted by my older brother and a friend of mine who now lives in Atlanta, GA. After conversing briefly, I walk outside, taking notice of a couple tour buses parked outside. I then start walking toward the tour buses and notice that there is construction occurring in front of the main entryway on the lawn. I take notice of the first completed statue, located on the right side (when facing the hospital) of the concrete pathway leading towards the main entryway. It's a lion. I then assume that the construction occurring on the other side of the pathway would be a lion as well, but am unsure of my assumption because the beginnings of the construction do not resemble a lion. I begin walking toward the main entryway of the hospital...

At this point, I wake up and realize that my dream was about a hospital that was converted to a museum. I start remembering parts of the conversation that I had in the hallway and realize that the tour buses outside were church groups, arriving en masse to see the hospital that was cleared of its sick.

This dream made me think really hard about the state of the church. When is the church going to convert a hospital to a museum? When?!? I always thought that this kind of event would occur years from now, but an encounter with a man with a similar dream changed my outlook greatly. I can remember listening to this man tell me MY dream, representing it as HIS, and thinking, "this dude stole my dream." I know that my thinking was childish, because there was no way for him to know what I had dreamed, but I didn't quite realize that there were other people out there who were of the same mind.


Technology has moved at an astounding pace. I can recall watching the news one day and a person proclaiming that we see miracles everyday due to modern technologies. Furthermore, the guest continued by saying that in the old days, the flu would kill massive amounts of people, but now it does not, and that's a miracle. Well, I'm not here to argue or invalidate that point, but what I will say is, "why hasn't the church cleared out a section of the hospital that housed those with cancer, or some other 'incurable' disease?" What about opening blind eyes or curing the disabled? Has the church really lost its power. Can we not make one museum?

I can remember going to church services where people would go up to the front of the church for healing and end up returning to their seat with their affliction. Is this generation one that truly trusts in what we preach. I liken this generation to playing a pickup game of basketball with Lebron James as your teammate. If you never pass him the ball and let him do what he does best, you'll never get the benefit of having Lebron on your team. Most churches are ball-hogging and not passing the ball to the "Lebron James" or "Michael Jordan" of the team. We're trying to feel some of the glory of making the basket, not realizing that without him on the team, we would get nowhere.

By: Museum Maker