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Penis Concerns - When To See Your Doctor And When Not

Visiting the Doctor

Men can often feel embarrassed about common penis issues and can be reluctant to speak to their spouse or partner about any penis problem they are experiencing. Going to the doctor can be an important step in familiarizing a physician with the health of your penis. However a lot of men end up going to the doctor simply because they do not know how to adequately take care of their penis health or have insufficient knowledge of their penis problem keeping a penis clean and using a penis health creme regularly is an important part of protecting the penis from common penis health issues, such as rash, or red, irritated penis skin and, also, dry or sore penis skin.

Main Reasons Men Visit Doctor about Penis Concerns

- Size - the fact is that many men feel inadequate about the size of their penis and worry about whether it is too big or too small (usually too small). Size is not normally anything to worry about; however, most men are overly obsessed with their penis size. There is nothing, within reason, that a doctor can do to alter penis size.

- Shape - some men can experience a bend or curve in an erect penis over time. This can be caused by aggressive sex or excessive masturbation and can result in an affliction called Peyronie's disease, which can shorten the penis by up to an inch. Although there is no cure for Peyronie's disease, a visit to the doctor can benefit by receiving proper instructions regarding sexual practices.

- Premature ejaculation - one of the main reasons men visit the doctor is because they deem their sexual performance to not be up to scratch, particularly after having experienced premature ejaculation. The local GP can help with this, although excessive masturbation has been shown to have a negative effect on ejaculation timing.

- Erectile problems - On the other hand, a fellow may have a problem with getting an erection in the first place. There can be a range of causes for lack of erection, including psychological issues and problems with medication and although there is no right or wrong answer, a man should visit a doctor if the problem persists.

Penis Rash, Redness, Irritation and Loss of Sensation

A man should also visit the doctor if there is any visible change in the health of his penis. A penile rash may be a symptom of many various diseases and needs to be seen to. Some common causes of penis rash are:

- Herpes

- Genital warts

- Allergies

- Dermatitis

- Psoriasis

- Eczema