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Top 5 Medical Accessories Every Nurse Should Have

Regardless how skilled a doctor or nurse you are, there are certain items that every working medical professional should have in order to make sure that they are able to work to the best of their abilities and stay as safe as possible. Here is an outline of the top five medical accessories that every nurse and doctor should have.

Surgical Mask

The potential transference of microorganisms, airborne fluid, bacteria and other pathogens poses one of the greatest risks for any medical professional working in a busy medical facility or clinic. Therefore, every nurse should definitely have access to high quality surgical masks. And contrary to what the name implies, these masks should be worn much more often than simply during surgeries since medical facilities and hospitals are essentially a primordial stew of pathogens. But, of course, the most important time to wear these surgical masks is indeed during surgery since a patient's body is open during the procedure and is both extra vulnerable to infection from microorganisms passing from the surgeon and nurses as well as capable of passing potentially dangerous fluids and bacteria to the medical staff.

You can find both disposable and reusable surgical masks. It is suggested that you use reusable masks for more intensive surgeries that feature a higher blood count and greater range of health risks since these reusable models usually feature a thicker, more comprehensive barrier and filtration construction. The disposable types have been found to best used in cases where hazardous materials or highly infectious fluids or patients are involved. This allows the masks to be disposed of quickly and conveniently to effectively reduce the chance of harmful contagions from spreading.

Medical Shoe Covers

And often overlooked item that every nurse should have is medical shoe covers. While these may seem like very simple items that do not necessarily offer any significant benefits, they do in fact offer a great deal to any hardworking nurse that is around and part of intensive medical procedures. For one thing, these medical shoe covers help to maintain a proper sterile zone. Our shoes are one of the most significant carriers of bacteria, and can easily jeopardize a sterile zone if proper precautions are not taken. Simply by slipping on one of these convenient shoe covers you automatically improve the cleanliness of the surgery room. In addition, many of the best medical shoe covers also feature a non-slip bottom that will help you to maintain great traction on smooth or wet floors.

Disposable Lab Coats

Disposable lab coats also offer an excellent addition to a nurse's medical supplies. These items are especially excellent for use with highly infectious patients or patients with deadly contagions such as HIV or AIDS. Nurses can simply throw their lab coats away without having to risk the spread of deadly diseases and bacteria.

Medical Scrubs

The best medical scrubs will grant you excellent freedom of motion to enable you to safely move and operate at a fast pace. In addition, these scurbs are also specially designed with breathable materials which will help you to maintain optimal body temperatures. One of the best brands of scrubs that you can look into is Grey's Anatomy scrubs.

Medical Gloves

Every nurse should also have access to plenty of medical gloves as well. Next to our feet, our hands are the other most common carrier of bacteria and contagions that can jeopardize the integrity of the sterile zone as well as the safety of the patient. Plus, you can find a wide variety of medical gloves that include those specially designed with an antimicrobial barrier for added protection.

By: Alexander Sutton