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Useful Ideas On How To Select A Hospital When Giving Birth

One of the most crucial choices you will make prior to the baby is born is the place the baby will be delivered. You will have to consider several things before you choose the facility. The first place to start would be to ask your OB doctor where they have got privileges to practice. If your physician has privileges in just one hospital then your decision has been made. If he delivers in several hospitals here are some items to consider.

As the saying goes, location, location, location. This is the first thing you should consider when selecting a hospital. If you reside in a rural area, what's the nearest hospital you can get to quickly? Quite often the closest hospital might not be your first preference, you might like a hospital that is a bit further. So take some time and travel the routes to see how long the process takes to arrive at each facility, if the time difference is 10 or 15 minutes more than definitely consider choosing your preferred location. You urban residents need to make the same type of decisions. Make a list of hospitals you like and then see which one may be the easiest to get to.

You will be delivering a baby and while it is truly a miraculous thing, they don't call it labor for nothing. So take some time before the baby is born to get to know the facility where you'll be having the baby. Most hospitals give tours, so call yours and arrange a meeting to tour the facility. Write down all the questions you might have and don't forget to take it to the tour. And most importantly be sure to ask and get answers to all your questions when you are there. No question is unreasonable, so feel free to ask about personnel, safety and the rooms you will be using during your stay.

Remember to take a look at things like parking and validation. The place where you park when you arrive for delivery might be different than where your husband will park when visiting after the birth. You will probably want to learn where visitors park and if there is a price and if there is validation. You should do this about a month ahead of your due date. This is also a good time to preregister if the hospital requires this. I know this seems like silly stuff compared to all of the other decisions you have been making, but you will be glad you spent the time to find these things out now.

Here are a few others details you will want to find out before you go into labor. Something many new mothers neglect to inquire about about is the telephone. You probably will wish to let everyone be aware of baby is born, so you will want to telephone some people. Find out if the hospital has a phone that you can use, how much it cost and how to use it (will there be a number that you need to press to dial out). Almost everyone has mobile phone these days so you may even want to ask what the cell phone policy of the hospital is in case you choose that instead. One last and extremely important thing to find out is where to go when you're in labor. Will you need to check in someplace or go straight to the obstetrics' floor? In addition inquire what door to use if it's the middle of the night as they may lock the main doors. This preparing now will be well worth the time invested and certain to make your delivery less stressful.

By: phil7hmqol